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July 20, 2016


Lush swimming pool inspiration via @thouswellblog(via LifeStories Photography)

It’s been hot and humid lately (as it often does in Atlanta by mid-July), and I’ve been on a swimming pool kick on Pinterest. Not only is the heat fueling this interest, but also the wanderlust of tropical settings and far-away places where you can find many of these pools. I’m inspired by many of the Moroccan designs, especially after sharing this riad on TS earlier in the week. The intersection of simple, elegant archways and lush equatorial flora creates truly breathtaking surroundings for many of these swimming pools calling my name. So why not cool off and dive into some of these stunning private pools…


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June 22, 2016

Gardening / Tye Street Project

Front yard with Monrovia boxwoods on @thouswellblog

This past weekend we took some time to take care of Tye Street’s curb appeal, and bring in some new plants that would create the foundation for a beautiful, classic garden in the two beds that line the front of the house. One of my favorite plants and a bush that makes a great backdrop or border for garden beds is the boxwood. While they take a bit of investment and patience to grow, their small leaves and branches make them a beautiful hedge bush and easy to shape. Since they’re so dense and have a broader shape, they were perfect for placing against the porch as eventually they will grow in to cover the old lattice and cinderblocks at the base of the house. The Winter Gem boxwoods we planted from Monrovia are also ideal since they’re one of the hardiest boxwood varieties. Boxwoods are one of my favorite shrubs because they’re very versatile, and can mix well into contemporary or cottage style gardens. For my dad’s house, I wanted it to keep a more simple, contemporary style in the garden while using all of the classic Southern plants I explored my last post with Monrovia. I also wanted to celebrate Monrovia’s 90th anniversary – that’s a long time to be growing beautiful plants for our gardens!
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April 1, 2016


Vintage metal French doors leads to an outdoor tile patio by the dining room via @thouswellblog(via House and Leisure)

It’s a beautiful time of year in the South right now. In just the past two weeks, daffodils, tulips, and azalea blooms have emerged and pear and cherry trees have exploded in bursts of delicate petals. In preparation for the beginning of the gardening season, I’ve compiled a list of plants that are quintessential to the Southern garden. While we’ve got quite a few plants that thrive in our temperate conditions, these classics have been used time and time again for their brilliant blooms, evergreen leaves, or easy-going nature. And for me, many of these plants conjure up some nostalgia for their use in many of the green spaces in my memory. Consider adding some of this flora to your own garden this year from Monrovia’s selection online or at your local garden center (find one here). Monrovia has been around for over 90 years and offers high-quality varieties of all of these plants, expertly grown in California.
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March 30, 2016


Outdoor potting cart on @thouswellblog

Today’s the big day for my Home Depot Style Challenge patio reveal! When I started dreaming up my patio makeover, I wanted to create a new outdoor room in a space that was a rather bleak concrete pad. I imagined defining the floor with a DIY gravel area and the walls with palms to make an inviting space that felt intimate but accommodating and inviting. Using these elements and our new Beverly sectional, the patio transformed into an outdoor living room with lush plant life and a splash of color. Ready to tackle your own patio makeover? Consider these tips: add gravel for a chic foundation, use potted palms for lushness and intimacy, stick with dark colored furniture for durability, add ambient lighting with string lights and lanterns, and tie together your space with a consistent color palette.
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March 15, 2016


I’m thrilled to announce that I will be participating in this year’s Home Depot Patio Challenge with a slew of talented bloggers (more on that soon). As spring approaches, I’m eager to start giving my dad’s patio a makeover to kick-off a season of outdoor living and entertaining. With the great garage doors in his back room, the whole back of the house opens to a concrete patio, which I’m hoping to transform into a lush outdoor living space with the help of Home Depot. I’ve gathered some inspiration with specific elements I want to incorporate into the new patio design. Let me know what you think of these spaces – do you have an outdoor area of your own to decorate?

Modern gravel patio and concrete table via @thouswellblog(via House of Philia)

Pea pebbles are a classic terrace element, but look great with any style furniture and decor. They add a hint of European influence – like the loose pebble terraces of country homes and châteaux. I’m imagining a layer of gravel over the existing concrete, which will prevent them from sinking down to keep a deep layer across the area.
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