January 13, 2016


Superfront fronts, handles and legs for high-design Ikea hacks

I recently discovered Superfront, a Swedish company that makes fronts, handles, legs, and even marble tops for Ikea sideboards, kitchen, bathroom and wardrobe. Their selection of hardware is impressive, and the design is drool-worthy! From leather pulls to copper legs, there are now so many possibilities for upgrading your Ikea furniture for a custom “Ikea hack” look. Check out a few of my favorite design details from their current collection below.

“Swedish manufacture and details made of classic materials such as brass, copper, marble, birch and leather ensure a quality and design that is worth far more than the price.”

Superfront fronts, handles and legs for high-design Ikea hacks
Superfront fronts, handles and legs for high-design Ikea hacks
Superfront fronts, handles and legs for high-design Ikea hacks

I love the idea of using simple Ikea pieces as blank canvases for customization. Would you splurge on these additions for your Ikea furniture?


  • There’s some great inspiration here. Simple too.

  • Such a simple and fantastic “Why didn’t I think of it?” kind of idea! I absolutely love the big fish cabinet fronts.

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  • Oh, how I loved to see these. Beautiful, minimal, inspiring. Although some IKEA products can be really cheap in quality at times, their designs are always breathtaking.

  • artluvr

    Sadly, when someone in the US accesses the Superfront website, a pop-up states “In your country, only handles and legs can be ordered.” So US citizens are on their own for the fronts.

    • Cæcilie

      Also in Denmark. Which is a neighbouring country!

  • Anne-Mette Thordal

    Looking good. In Denmark we also have a small company making fronts for Ikea basics. Check it out here: http://www.andshufl.com/

  • That’s why I love Ikea stuff, you can easily customize them – didn’t know about the company yet though (usually DIYed) will have to take a look at them I guess!

  • I love Ikea. Thanks for sharing this! <3


  • Pat Lukes

    The cabinet fronts are NOT available in the US. Only the legs and handles. What a shame.

  • Kelli

    Does anyone know of someone in the US with a similar product?

  • Vel

    Fabulous find!!!

  • Jan

    If only more than handles and legs were available to those of us in the States. Apartment Therapy offered a list of sites that sold ways to customize IKEA furniture a while ago. http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/make-it-your-own-resources-for-customizing-ikea-furniture-183446

  • Iris

    Semi handmade in California does fronts for ikea cabinet

  • Scandimerican Life

    Love Superfront! We got an IKEA kitchen because I like that Scandinavian clean look and that’s hard to come by at a decent price anywhere else in the US. It’s been a few years now so I’m going to wrap the handles in leather for an updated look. It’s going to feel like new again! Simple styles can last for so long!

  • Neeraja Lockart

    Semihandmade does this in the US and Canada