October 18, 2017

Decorating / DIY Projects

Easy and inexpensive rental kitchen makeover on Thou Swell @thouswellblog

When it comes to rental decor, kitchens can be the trickiest spaces to customize. But when you consider it surface by surface, you can find some temporary solutions for dated or poorly designed kitchens. With a couple of personal touches and custom tricks for transforming your rental kitchen, you can easily decorate the room in your own style so the space can truly be yours. From my own experience redesigning our rental kitchen to the multitude of creative projects on other design sites, I’ve pulled together some of the best ideas for rental kitchen decorating. Read them all on the blog below!



October 16, 2017


Serenbe Designer Showhouse 2017 on Thou Swell @thouswellblog

You may have seen a glimpse of the Serenbe Designer Showhouse on my Instagram Stories last weekend, but I’ve got a full tour of the two townhouses at the heart of Serenbe’s new Mado community the made up the 2017 showhouse. This showhouse was special because the location was at the center of a new development for Serenbe (there were homes and townhouses being constructed all around it!) and featured two compact townhomes to give visitors a chance to see two separate looks and layouts. The showhouse benefitted The Art Farm at Serenbe, a 40-acre outdoor complex that serves as a central place for artists, the arts and culture at Serenbe. The Art Farm provides a physical space to ignite passion and imagination in nature and works in collaboration with the Serenbe Institute and other partners to amplify their work and makers.

Visiting the showhouse was part of a super special weekend I spent at the Serenbe Inn with my family for fall break. I’ll be sharing more of that trip in the next week, but for now, I can’t wait to take you inside the chic showhome(s)!


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October 14, 2017


Outdoor dinner party, five sources for online grocery delivery on Thou Swell @thouswellblog(via Goop)

If you’ll allow a moment of wordplay, I have to admit that I’ve really loaded my plate these last few years with responsibilities. There’s academics, my design projects, running this blog, and of course maintaining my sleep, physical health, and social life. The last thing I want to carve out time to do is to grocery shop, and so I’ve totally embraced digital outsourcing to stock my fridge and pantry.

There are a few practical advantages to shopping for my groceries online—I can do it anywhere, I don’t have to do it on an empty stomach (the siren call of Costco-sized Nutella does seem a little louder when I do that), and some apps even let me schedule delivery. It boils down to convenience, but the only question really remaining is what service to choose. I’ve rounded up the best in class to help you save time and money on your grocery run or streamline your next dinner party prep!
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October 13, 2017


Cozy living room with lots of art and gallery walls in a modern London townhouse on Thou Swell @thouswellblog(via T Magazine, photography by Carlotta Cardona)

It’s not a contradiction to call this townhouse British and leafy. It’s easier to associate London style with dark wood paneling and wingback armchairs. This remodel of a Victorian townhouse is completely of the moment, and speaks more to the multicultural influences of a modern London than to the stuffiness of yesteryear. The Donaldsons displayed a total lack of fear when they made bold choices to remodel, dousing everything in a bright coat of white and pouring a concrete floor to cement a space they opened up by tearing out walls. Traces of the townhouse’s origins remain in the glorious, enormous windows onto a verdant back courtyard and the wooden detailing lingering under the snowy coats of paint.


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October 6, 2017

Interiors / Tye Street Project

This post was sponsored by KILZ® Complete Coat™ Paint as part of an Ambassador program for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Tye Street Project porch makeover reveal on Thou Swell @thouswellblog

The front porch could be considered the most important room of the house at my dad’s place, a kind of open-air public living room. Cabbagetown is a neighborly kind of area, where people still spend time honoring the old tradition of hanging out on the front porch and chatting with their neighbors and friends as they walk by or come to visit. In the transitions of seasons and the day it’s a lovely place to spend time.
 Since it’s the face of my father’s house too, I knew that eventually I’d have to get around to making it shine as much as the interior.

The first step was to refresh the paint – a great tool I like to start with, in any project. I used KILZ® COMPLETE COAT™ PAINT that I picked up at my local Walmart to get the whole job done in a single step. This was especially perfect for the ceiling, which hadn’t gotten love in years and was difficult to reach too! As an interior and exterior paint, we also won’t have to touch it up for a while.

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